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Which Crab or Shrimp Pot Puller is Right for You?

Crab and shrimp pot pullers endure long, hard days on the water. Rain or shine they must rise to any challenge; withstanding harsh weather conditions while hauling hundreds of pounds at a time. When selecting this essential marine part, not only is factor how often it will be used but also what type of power source you have available onboard your vessel – manual, electric or gas operated? Whichever one you choose make sure that no matter the number of pulls needed throughout its life-span -it’s reliable enough perform without fail!

Crab and shrimp pot pullers lead a hard life. Pullers and haulers are one boat part that is exposed to the elements, harsh weather, hard operation usage and general negligence for it’s entire service life. Whether it is a small pocket puller used in an oarlock or a gas or electric pot puller pulling hundreds of pounds, pot pullers must do the work without fail.

Pot haulers come in three flavors – manual, electric and gas powered. Whether you are a seafarer or pleasure-boater looking for an easier way to bring onboard the catch of your day, each variation offers its own unique benefits. The choice of this marine part is based on how often you intend to use the hauler (recreational or professional), the weight of the pot and the power source available on-board the vessel.

Manual Pot Pullers

Manual crab and shrimp pot pullers are great for smaller vessels with limited power and limited use with pot weights less than 100 pounds. The smallest pot puller is designed to be used in a dinghy or rowboats oar lock. The Pocket Puller fits right into the oarlock (which you could mount on the transom) and allows hand line hauling without being near the gunwale or transom.  The Scotty Trap Eeze Pot Puller ensures easy retrieval of crab or prawn traps with effortless mobility! Its mount manual crab pot puller works in conjunction with either a 241 or 244 Scotty Mount to make your next crabbing venture easier on your back. This manual pot puller is recommended for non commercial single trap use.

Electric Pot Pullers

The most common pot puller arrangement is 12 volt electric powered. The options for pulling total pot weight range from 100 to 300 pounds. There are two main styles of pot pullers; The first where the puller motor is supported on a swivel at the end of the davit and the second is where the puller motor is mounted on the davit, over the gunwale and the line is run through a block. For those working in the Pacific Coast shrimp and crab industry, the davit end mounted puller motor is more familiar and common. The puller motor mounted to the davit is more typically seen on the Atlantic Coast in the lobster, crab and shrimp industry. The choice of styles depends more on what a fisherman finds comfortable using and the vessel they are using it on. The Ace Ace Line Hauler, PacificPro Hauler is a recreational hauler that can handle up to 110 lbs pot pull. For a davitless installation or for use with the Handy Hauler, the Quick Catch pot puller can be gunwale mounted recreational use.

Gas Pot Pullers

The Honda powered gas pot puller is an option for those boats that want to avoid electric motors. The biggest advantages are the incredible line speed of 180 feet per minute coupled with the heaviest lift capacity of 550 pounds. For the professional who needs speed and hauling capacity as well as the rugged reliability of the Honda engine, this puller meets the needs.

Hydraulic Gas Powered Pot Pullers

For all your deep-sea angling needs, trust in the complete and powerful solution offered by Portable Hydraulic Power Units. With 4-Stroke Honda gas engines providing reliable performance on fishing vessels out at sea, these lightweight powerhouses are perfect for hauling large crab pots or heavy line. Plus these units are fully assembled onto a sturdy marine grade aluminum base complete with carrying handle so you can take them anywhere.