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Boat Seating Explained

Changing your boat seating out is fairly simple. Most single seats have universal mounting holes that will work with any or our seat mounts or pedestals. If you are just changing the seat itself out then more than likely you will not need a new base unless yours is damaged or you want to change to a different set up. Simply unscrew the bolts holding the existing seat to the base and mount the new on it is place.

There are many set up options for seat bases as well from, removable, adjustment in height, sliding, and pivoting. This decision needs to be based on your needs specifically. On a pedestal type mount, you have the base mounted to the floor and a pole that is removable along with a seat base. With this setup, for example you need to measure the diameter of the post and then you could change it out to an adjustable height pedestal simply by ordering a new seat and a new pedestal and reusing the mount that is bolted in the floor. You could also add a sliding seat base that would allow forward and backwards adjustments as well.

With some center console models that have factory seats, Go2marine offers a leaning post set up that will slide right into the existing pole mounts in your boat. It also has an optional back rest that can be purchased separately. In order for this installation you will remove the existing seats and pole, slide the poles that came with the leaning post into the existing pole bases and the leaning post will slide onto the new poles.

Leaning Post also offer seat options for commercial vessels from pilot vessels, fishing vessels, ferries, to cruise ships, below are several personalized options for these vessels. All seats are USCG approved for commercial use. They are fully adjustable and customizable from height, forward and aft, even a floor slide option to slide out of the way.

Commercial Seats