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Choosing A Regulatory, Ski Or Personal Water Craft Marker Buoy

When selecting a type of regulatory buoys, certain requirements must be met to comply with the regulations set by the authorities who govern local waterways. Many regulatory buoys, such as those manufactured by Taylor Made, are filled with polyurethane foam and have concrete weight to retain a balance between weight and buoyancy that keeps them stable, upright and floating correctly on the surface of the water.

Regulatory buoys may have a strobe on top for night operation. Labels to indicate a boating hazard or an action that is required from the boater may be attached around the buoy. Most states require regulatory buoys to be visible 39” above the surface of the water; Taylor Made meets these requirements.

Marker buoys are typically used to temporarily indicate a course, boundary or hazard. When it comes to purchasing marker buoys, boaters have the choice of either hard or air inflation buoys in a variety of colors. Taylor Made’s personal water craft buoys have a variety of uses. Aside from functioning as marker buoys, the can also be used as pick-up buoys or fenders for a jet ski. These products are made using a double color system to ensure that they will stay bright and fluorescent for years to come.

Taylor Made’s water ski marker buoys are constructed from PVC, so they are both lightweight and durable. Each of these buoys contains an inflation valve to control air pressure and a built-in anchor line loop. These inflatable items are also ideal for marking a slalom course, in accordance with the specifications set by the American Water Ski Association.